....... where our commitment goes on and on .........."


Who are we?

Oxford Bond has been rapidly growing since its inception in 1994. We are a primary manufacturer of customised turning products specialising in maintaining precision tolerance. Our superior parts are made by highly skilled machinists who take pride in their works where "commitment goes on and on...".

Our customer's base includes the members of the automotive, electrical, electronic and equipment industries. We offer competitive pricing as well as exceptional customer service. The increased space, equipment and staff gained by our relocation from 2,100 sq. feet rented premise to our own 8,400 sq. feet factory has afforded us the opportunities to better serve our customer's needs.


Our Mission

To provide high value, precision components through the development of mutually successful partnerships with our customers, employees and suppliers communications, trust and teamwork.

Our Products and Services

We produce wide range of custom-made parts for various industry including automobile, audio, telecommunication, electronic, furniture, mould inserts etc. Our machining material includes stainless steel, aluminium FC steel, mild steel, copper, brass, teflon and nylon. We also provide various surface treatment and plating which include blue zinc, tin, nickel, silver and gold plating.

We provide support to US, Europe, Asia customers as well as various local industries.

Browse our products page for sample of customized products that we have produced for our customers.

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Oxford Bond Sdn. Bhd.
No. 18, Lot 320,
Jalan PKNK 3/7,
Kawasan Perusahaan LPK3,
08000 Sungai Petani,
Kedah, Malaysia.

Tel .: 604-4411288, 4421289
Fax : 604-4428289

URL :oxfordbond.com

E-mail : ysoh@oxfordbond.com
          : sksoo@oxfordbond.com


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